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Much as he wanted to, Kaiba could not refuse the old man's request. His actions had nearly cost the old man's life AND resulted in the destruction of a priceless card. So, he would fulfill the obligation Motou had to withdraw from due to illness. Honor and pride demanded it, even if he hadn't felt some remorse. ( He just wished Motou had asked for something simple, like half ownership of Kaiba Corporation.)

So far it hadn't been TOO bad. No one had recognized him in the ridiculious getup and the children had been generally well behaved. (And no one had tried to set his beard on fire.)

Just when he thought he would escape with his dignity intact, a mini tsunnami of squealing children (AND their parents.) swept toward the dais upon which he was enthroned, along with two giggling "helpers" dressed in mini dresses and go-go boots. He wasn't too alarmed when the mob parted enough for him to see Yugi signing autografs at a frantic pace, after all, there was no way his rival could recognize him, even if Yugi were able too see him over the heads of his fans.

Unfortunatly, Yugi had not come to this event unaccompanied. Honda and Jonouchi were with him, and had noticed "Santa". AND had come up with what their miniscule brains cosidered a great idea.

Even as Kaiba started to move it was already too late. A galaxy of flashbulbs went off as hundreds of cameras captured for posterity the moment when the two grinning idiots lifted a protesting "King of Games" off his feet and dumped him in "Santa's' lap.

Ho ho ho...

Happy B-Day Scribbler. Hope this provides some needed cheer!

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This. So very, very much.


Thank you!



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