Trick or Treat

Kaiba had been out of the country when the earthquakes stuck Domino, but rushed home immediately to check on Mokuba's welfare, then stayed to supervise Kaiba Co. in lending support to rescue and rebuilding operations. After all, the sooner certain homes and businesses were repaired/rebuilt, the sooner the Mutou's, the Mazaki's and the bonkatsu would be out of his house!

It was during this time that Mokuba had come to him with a rather unique idea for a special fundraiser/party for children left homeless or injured in the earthquake. His little brother had gotten the idea from a certain American holiday being celebrated at the time. Kaiba gave his approval with the stipulation that his own participation would be limited to handing over candy and a check when the designated "trick-or-treater'' came to the door accompanied by a television news crew...

When the doorbell rang,Kaiba was ready with candy and checkbook. He opened the door ready to do his part, then froze while his lower jaw hit the floor and scuttled away. He closed his eyes, counted to ten, then tried again. No luck. The impossible figure was still there, and so unfortunatly, was the camera crew.

Cranning his neck to make eye contact, he finally managed strangled whisper: "Don't you find this just a little embarrasing!?"

Dark Magician just glared and thrust a bulging sack at him.

Still painfully aware of the news crew, Kaiba forced a sincere looking smile on his face, poured the candy into the sack and wrote out a check for twice the amount Mokuba had requested. As the spellcaster accepted the offering with a regal bow, the C.E.O. couldn't resist one more little sotto voiced dig: "Tell your master to make sure the bonkatsu doesn't eat all the candy!"


The party was turning out to be a spectacular success. Awed children and their parents watched as dozens of Duel Monsters carried sacks of candy, toys and money into the Domino High School gymnasium to be passed out to the children. The adults exclaimed over how realistic the costumes were. Of course, the children knew better...




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