This was inspired by a 5D episode I saw...

"Are you sure about this Atem?"

"I'm afraid so Yugi. Kaiba feels the same way."

"But Atem, the game has to keep changing and evolving or people will lose interest. The new releases have been very popular and it IS just a game now. We haven't had to save the world in the last eight years or so!"

"And thats why it's an ideal time to retire. Yugi, I was happy to participate in fundraising tournaments and I admit that some of the new stratigies are interesting.  But Yugi, when Pegasus first revived the game, we pitted ourselves against dragons, warriors and spellcasters. Last week I defeated a cell phone, a boom box and an eighteen wheeler! I want to battle MONSTERS, not household appliances!

My kids have swimming lessons out the park districts outdoor pool. Today as we head out to lessons, we find it is raining rather strongly. When I call to find out if lessons will be canceled, I get an automated message saying the pool is open for regular hours. (The same recorded message thats been playing all day.) Wading through the menu options in hopes of talking to an actual human being, I get "If you would like to leave a message, please do so after the beep" followed by a click and a dial tone. A call to the "weather Line" informs me that all softball games are still to be played, weather permitting. After calling the admin office, I finally get a human(?) being, who tranfers me to someone else who puts me on hold. Never mind, i'ts raining, no swimming for us.

And while I'm not making any progress on WIP fics, some thing did pop into my head as a start to the "Happily Ever After?" AU that is eating my brain. I've noticed that lots of fics just assume that if Yugi were to lose the final duel, Atem would suddenly become solid and everyone would live happily ever after. But, what if its not that simple? What if the Ishtars neglected to mention a few critical details? These kind of thoughts led to the following snippet:


"If your plan succeeds Timelord, I will do as you ask and the Ishtars may live. If my pharaoh loses the duel and we must go into the west, I will accept it as the will of the gods and again, the Ishtars may live. But, if your plan fails...If Yugi loses the duel, if Yugi dies, then they will find no sanctuary in this or any other realm. I will hunt them down, and I will destroy them utterly." The shadow mage stepped foward until he was nose to nose with the Doctor. "I know of your power Timelord, but you know nothing of mine..."



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