"They were holograms Mulder! Just holograms! I'll admit it was a very impressive display, but Kaiba co. is the world leader in holographic imaging and-Mulder! What are you staring at?!"
"The cell phone."
"The cell phone? What cell phone?"
"The cell phone one of those 'holograms' dropped in the last round of that 'impressive display' as you call it."
"Mulder..........holograms do not carry cell phones! There were a lot of people watching the duel, anyone of them could have dropped it. Look, lets just check the speed dial and see if we can figure out who it belongs to. So, Mutou residence. Wasn't Mutou one of the duelists? Let's see what else, Kame Game Shop, Bakura Ryou, Domino High School, annndd.....an 800 number for.........Lou Malnotti's Pizza.......Sorry Mulder, but there is nothing supernatural about this pho-"
"Put it down Scully"
"The phone. Put It down. Now."

Scully glanced at the phone, then hurledit to the ground as tendrils of black and purple nothing erupted out of it. The two FBI agents stared as a seemingly ordinary cell phone vanished, leaving no evidence it had ever existed.

Well that was an impressive display. Wouldn't you agree Scully?

The principal was the ultimate authority figure at Domino High School. As such, he was expected to set an example for both students and staff by handling any situation with utmost competence. What he should not be doing, was sweating and babbling like a freshman caught smoking on the roof.

"Well ah... um.....of course we are all very sad to hear of Mutou san"s illness, but I must point out that an extended absence from school could be detrimental to Yugi's grad-"

"Perhaps I have not made myself clear sir. Yugi's grandfather is gravely ill. His doctors have little hope that he will recover. At such a time, Yugi's place is with his grandfather. His mother will need his support as well."

The speaker had been intimidating even before he had said one word. Shockingly tall, near to seven feet, clad entirely in black from suit to boots, holding an  ornate walking stick  topped with a large green orb. Icy pale mint eyes ready to reduce all opposition to a spot of grease on the carpet. The man had appeared in his office unannounced, and told him- told not asked-that Mutou Yugi would require an extended leave of absence due to his grandfathers illness.

The principal made one last attempt to assert his authority. He was rewarded with a glare that dropped the room temperature by twenty degrees.  He hoped his hands weren't shaking too badly as he turned on the intercom and had his secretary bring the relevent paperwork.

Takes place right at the start of duelest kingdom. Well, there had to be some reason Yugi never got in trouble for all those absences!

FF.Net has a new feature called Reader Traffic.. With it you can not only see how many people checked out each story, but also what countries your readers hail from.  Call me a silly fanthing, but I get a kick out of knowing my stories are being read in such far flung places as Finland, Australia and Bulgaria. If fanfic can make the world that much smaller, It needs no other justification!

To get myself back into writing mode, I'm putting little snippets of ideas and out takes in my LJ. the following is a missing scene from my last story.

"You had to give him a kitten?!"
"He always comes through for us no matter what the odds. He saved our lives at Battle City! And he never asks for anything in return. Besides, Reaper adores him."
"We can put Cat of Ill Omen in the deck."
"It's not the same and you know it!"
"No, of course not. A cat that's a duel monster isn't good enough. It has to be a cat that summons duel monsters........."


 He would have understood if they had shaved ALL his hair. He knew it was the custom in this place and time, he might not have liked it , but he would have understood. Now sitting on the low stool staring into a mirror of polished bronze , the deep crimson in his face was not entirely due to the sunburn he had sustained before being brought to the palace.

   He was hearing voices now ;Pegasus calling him " Yugi-BOYYY ". Shadi patting his head and telling him what a nice little BOY he was. The ticket seller at the amusement park ; " Hey kiddo this is a high school I D.  Aren't you in grade school? " Okay he WAS short for his age,  but did he really deserve to have this silly ribboned and beaded BRAID hanging off the side of his head?!?

Pharoah or no Pharoah, his other self  was DEFINATLY going to get a piece of his mind!

Okaaay.......  This was inspired by a recent discussion of ancient egyptian hairstyles.  The scene with the ticket seller was in the Manga. As for timeline , lets just call it a very A.U. Memory World....



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