Chapter three of "Unfinished Business" is now posted at FF.Net. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Dragon!! XXDD And I remembered how to upload new chapters, go me! Now I have no more excuses, MUST get serious about getting fourth and final chapter done. ( Hey guys, you do realize this WAS supposed to be a one shot, then a two parter, then... this is exhausting. How do you all manage to write 10, 20, 50 chapters?) Anyway, to celebrate, I'm going to follow up on a great idea for part five of "Happily Ever After? Dragon, you already have a little preview of it... 8D
The past week has been hijacked by stomach flu, doctor appointments, lab work, library, minature golfing, sleep overs and bowling. Needless to say, no writing accomplished.

First born returns to school Monday, (Younger kid gets an extra week off.) so should be able to finish up "Unfinished Business". (Pun not intended :p). Looking it over, along with the last few stories I've posted, has got me thinking about something.

My first stories were very much on the side of humor. The later ones, far more serious. While I have every intention of continueing to explore "Bakura's side of the story" so to speak, I'm wondering if the tone of the stories is getting people down a bit, and maybe I should lighten up a bit. So, the idea I had was to take some of the little ficlets from my LJ and make them chapters of a fic for entitled "Bits and Pieces".  The ones I had in mind are "Side Lock", the principals office ficlet, the Yugi at the checkout ficlet, and "Yugi verses the Term Paper". The Christmas and Valentine's Day fics could be one shots when those holidays roll around.

The remaining fics are "gift fics", and while anyone visiting here can read and enjoy them, once written they belong to whomever I wrote them for.

So what do you all think? Should I do it? 

It's back

Mar. 17th, 2009 11:32 pm
Ok. Somehow I got "message fron the Darkness" posted. It's readable finally. Thanks Dragon for your patience, hope you are feeling ok. Sorry everyone for the temper tantrum in the last post. I'm exhausted, am going to bed...
I prepare to upload latest fic, and find the pit demons have removed all the spacing and turned my story into a giant block of gibberish. I spend nearly TWO HOURS cleaning up the mess, post and find all the spacing gone again!!!!!!!!!!! WHY DAMN IT?????

Yes I took it down for now until I can make it readable. Sorry folks...

Nicked from Lunnaei, Dragon and Lucid

Post a one sentence extract (One sentence yeah right!) ,from wip's you are working on. Or as many as you wish. No context, no explanation.

1) From his dwelling place in the deepest shadows of Pharaoh's mind, he sensed the intrusion.

2) He knelt down in defence mode, set his staff to one side, and held out his arms. Yugi flung himself into the proffered comfort and wept unashamedly.

3) I can see you Shadi, your magic is nothing to me.

4) Whether the child was his son or Atem's son mattered not. It was enough that the child would be Pharaoh's son.

5) Your task here is done Landlord. You must return to the others. Pharaoh's time is at hand, and Yugi will need all his friends.
Just finished  the final version of "Message from the Darkness", but can't get it uploaded to Doc X due to yet ANOTHER glitch at!!!!!!!!!!!!
What is it Bakura says in TAS? BUGGERATION!!!!!!!!!

Dragon I swear, this IS the final version.
After schools were closed for two days due to below zero cold last week, we are almost back to normal. (One kid home with sore throat today :( ) Have had a major burst of creativity with one story happily writing it self. At the speed it's going, should be finished by tonight or tomorrow. (Depends on how long the condo board elections take tonight.) The story is going so well, I can't be too upset that it's NOT the story I had planned on working on. (Sorry Lucid!) I don't know where this story came from, but it's determined to write itself.

Also, quick question for anyone who has a copy of LOTR "The Fellowship of the Ring". There is a line I want to quote in another story, but I can't remember who said it.  The line is: Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger. I'm almost positive someone said it to Frodo, but can't remember if it was Samwise, Aragorn, Glorfindal, or Legolas.
We are expecting another 3 to 5 inches of snow during the night. WHY does it have to come when firstborn has a whole weekend of bowling tournaments I have to get her to? Plus younger kid's gymnastic practice... I REALLY hate winter!

In fic news, Crisis Line and Final Hours are still having a knockdown dragout battle in my head, a new fic called Atonement has just popped up wanting attention, a certain crossover fic may get a scene written out once I figure out a believeable reason for DM and Sarah Jane Smith to be in the janitor's closet, and Ryou's passport has been stolen by kittens. (Y. Bakura is trying to get it back...) If anyone has a preference as to which fic I should start first, let me know. I will be back to writing next week when BOTH the kids are back in school.
In spite of sneak attacks by evil computer gremlins, I managed to get fic number ten, 'The Greater Gift" up at the pit! Dragon, a huge thanks for all your help! Thanks also to all my friends who have welcomed me into the fandom, and given so much support and encouragement. HUGGLES TO ALL!!

Now I must go cuddle younger kid who is nervous about tomorrows dental appointment. She is going to make some orthodontist very happy, sigh...

Next story

Dec. 3rd, 2008 11:21 pm
Decided the next story i will be working on will be "The Greater Gift". As happens far too often, the idea of where to set the story came to me in the shower. I wish I could say that's because the shower is the one place I am never disturbed, sadly, I can't since it's not true! Anyway, the story wiil be set during Bakura's and the Ring Spirit's flight to Egypt. (On a commercial airliner. Much as I enjoy good HP crossovers, I'm NOT having them fly on a broomstick! Or my grandmother,s old Hoover Dialamatic for that matter. ^_^) And yes, I'm going with (subbed) anime version, so everyone actually went to Egypt to start the whole Memory Arc. I do try to stay closer to the manga for characterization however. Everybody confused? GOOD! MWAA HAA  HA HA.....
The kids have rediscovered the Wii, so I've been working on fic #3 "The Wrong Card". Got about three quarters of the way through when the computer decided to reboot. Traced the mutiny to a circut breaker, but lost the climatic ending! Oh well, I can rewrite it easily enough. 
I think I'll finish it up tomorrow, since we have storm systems moving through the area (South suburbs got lots of tornadoes Friday!) and we are prone to power outages.



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