Have been busy filling out paperwork for older child to begin  Junior High.  Has it really been ELEVEN years since doctors handed me  my first red faced, bald, wrinkled bundle of joy?  And the cost of this momentous transistion wil be one hundred three dollars in various fees, not including the cost of text books and school supplies.  Whatever happened to FREE public school education?

Now back to Atem's family

Today lets have a look at Isis. She is an item bearer, priestess and important member of the court. While women in Ancient Egypt had many rights and opportunities not available to women in other ancient societies,  they did not hold high government posts. Women were generally in charge of running the household and supporting their husbands and sons from behind the scenes. There was one important exception to this, and it involves women of the royal family

Royal daughters often received important positions (Usually in the temples) and estates from the Pharoah. Since they were not married off to foriegn princes, this practice provided them with lifetime income and kept power and wealth within the family. As a royal daughter, Isis would have been an ideal candidate to wield an item. Now, as a sister of Atem one might ask if she would have been married to him. Not likely, because if they were married she would have been sitting beside him on the throne! But since royal  sblings often did marry, we might wonder why that had not happened in this case. For me the simplest explanation would be that she was already married to some one else. 

Royal marrages served the purpose of continuing the dynasty,so Isis would have married someone in the family, another sibling or other close relative.  If Mahaad had been a half sibling, he would have been the likleyest candidate. I could see them as backup heirs  in the event that Atem died without issue. Of course we know that did'nt happen....



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