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Aug. 31st, 2012 04:14 pm
Just posted Life after Bite to, and my scene breaks have vanished...again. Some things never change.
I have FINALLY posted some new fic. Title is "Good Intentions Are Not Enough", and it's my first crossover fic. Thanks Kitt for getting me into D N Angel and helping out with this. I'll also shortly be posting "Life After Bite", that "pony" story I was playing around with. Thanks Lucid, for helping out with that. These are stories that were mostly complete when life fell apart at the beginning of the year, maybe soon inspiration will return.
Has anyone had any stories pulled from There seems to be a purge of M and even T rated stories going on. Buffy, Naruto, Twilight, and Harry Potter seem to be among the hardist hit, but Yu-Gi-Oh has lost around seven hundred stories. ( A French Writer has done some research, and posted a breakdown of the top twenty fandoms on ff.netrants)

Theory is that a bot program is seeking out key words in summaries.
Head out on a bright sunny afternoon to the local home improvement store, and pick out a nice new patio set. By the time you're halfway home, it will be overcast. A light drizzle will start as you unload the car. Find the instuctions and begin assembly, and the drizzle becomes a raging downpour...


Mar. 20th, 2012 08:18 am
Today is primary day in my neck of the woods. (and as lovely day weather wise :))Got the kids to school and voted. If it's primary day where you are, get the vote out. Grab a friend, grab a nieghbor, get the vote out!

Having delivered this public service announcement, I now return to herding cats...

New Kitty!

Dec. 22nd, 2011 10:57 am
Younger kid was determined to have a kitty for Christmas, so she went online and found some up for adoption in Kenosha. Emma is an almost five month old calico who purrs like a muscle car engine and bullies our other cat... who has surprisingly shown the patience of a saint. They have set up separate territories and I've told the kids to quit forcing them to socialize, let then work out their own system for socializing or at least co-existing.

Still learning my way around here...
I just went and got a dreamwidth account. That IS what you wanted right? I mean why else would you keep making all these aggravating changes? Now I can still find my friends who are leaving because they are fed up with you. Great job, just keep going with not listening to your members and eventually we will all leave...

ETA: Not leaving here just yet, just getting ready if my friends and communities throw in the towel. My account name on Dreamwidth is the same as here.
Not leaving LJ just yet, but between the constant denial of service attacks and LJs indifference to what their members want, I think having an account here is just common sense. Hopefully I'll learn how to crosspost
Much as he wanted to, Kaiba could not refuse the old man's request. His actions had nearly cost the old man's life AND resulted in the destruction of a priceless card. So, he would fulfill the obligation Motou had to withdraw from due to illness. Honor and pride demanded it, even if he hadn't felt some remorse. ( He just wished Motou had asked for something simple, like half ownership of Kaiba Corporation.)

So far it hadn't been TOO bad. No one had recognized him in the ridiculious getup and the children had been generally well behaved. (And no one had tried to set his beard on fire.)

Just when he thought he would escape with his dignity intact, a mini tsunnami of squealing children (AND their parents.) swept toward the dais upon which he was enthroned, along with two giggling "helpers" dressed in mini dresses and go-go boots. He wasn't too alarmed when the mob parted enough for him to see Yugi signing autografs at a frantic pace, after all, there was no way his rival could recognize him, even if Yugi were able too see him over the heads of his fans.

Unfortunatly, Yugi had not come to this event unaccompanied. Honda and Jonouchi were with him, and had noticed "Santa". AND had come up with what their miniscule brains cosidered a great idea.

Even as Kaiba started to move it was already too late. A galaxy of flashbulbs went off as hundreds of cameras captured for posterity the moment when the two grinning idiots lifted a protesting "King of Games" off his feet and dumped him in "Santa's' lap.

Ho ho ho...

Happy B-Day Scribbler. Hope this provides some needed cheer!
How could he have forgotton? HOW?!

He'd make up for it somehow. He'd take his little brother anywhere he wanted to go,do whatever he wanted. If Mokuba was still speaking to him after this. How could he have forgotten?

He was out of the limo even before it had come to a complete stop in front of the mansion. Mokuba dashed out the front door and jumped into his arms.

"Mokuba I'm SO sorry-"

"Seto it was awesome-"

"I promise I'll make it up to you-"

"I wish you could have been there-"

"I wish I could have been there-"

Wait, what?

"They took me to the water park and the rides. and we ate at Burger World and Anzu and Shizuka made a cake for me and oh Seto it was great to go everywhere just like a regular kid! Thanks for letting them take me out for my birthday! I want to do it again next year, but I want you to come too, You'd have a great time!"

Let them take you out? What was his little brother going on about? He had totally forgotten Mokubas birthday until the flight home. It was then that he saw Yugi and the others watching the reunion.

"You don't owe us anything, Kaiba." Yugi half whispered.

"Yeah, you do moneybags-OW! Anzu! that was my foot!

Yes, he did owe them, but for once, he didn't mind at all...

Happy birthday Dragon!! (Whew, I didn't forget! :) )
"Isono! We are in the middle of a crisis here! What is the reason for the delay?"

"I-I'm sorry sir! It's the car sir, we've had to send for another car."

"Another car? What happened to the car we arrived in?"

"Sir- it's difficult to explain-"

"Difficult is what I pay you to handle, is it not Isono? And quite handsomely I might add. Now kindly stop dithering and tell me why we are not on our way to that idiot Pegasus's office."

"Well sir, the creatures that have been sighted-"

"- Have NOTHING to do with Kaiba Corp! I made that very clear in that ridiculus press conference. now what is going on with the car?!"

"I um, well it would be best if you were to see for your self..."

Kaiba's mood was not improved by the fresh hoarde of idiots swarming around the entance to the building snapping pictures of...of...

It had to be his enemies. The same faceless enemies behind this latest attempt to discredit him. There was no other explanation; neither Yugi would ever seek to humiliate him in this way and the bonkotsu didn't have the means to pull this off.

He found himself wishing that he WAS the one capable of summoning the hoarde of duel monsters rampaging world wide. If he had been, he'd be summoning a Blue Eyes to fry the gigantic Niwatori chicken roosting placidly on the roof of his limosine...

Happy birthday myaibou! XD
Alright, Honda thought glumly, Maybe they shouldn't have just dived into the food but jeez Kaiba it's not the end of the world.

"A drunken pig has better table manners!"

How were they supposed to know Kaiba had invited a bunch of bigshots over to his brand new resturant? It wasn't as if the place had signs annoucing a private event...

"The Chamber of Commerce... the mayor... the govenor..!"

Cut us some slack already Kaiba! Did any of those hotshots help save the world, let alone your company?


Oh come on, it's not like Yugi had a choice! Kaiba should have been going after that crazy Vivien Wong! She kidnapped Yugi's grandpa to force Yugi into that duel. (And he was dueling, NOT dancing!)

It took a good hour and forty five minutes, plus Yugi's promise to endorse Kaiba Corp products for the next twenty years to get Kaiba to stop foaming at the mouth. But just when it seemed they could avert the creation of another Death-T, Jonouchi opened his mouth;

"It aint all bad Moneybags. You'll get lots of publicity when that Ramsey dude puts your resturant on his show... What? What did I say?!"

Not A good idea Bro... NOT a good idea reminding Kaiba that his Kaibaland resturant was going to be featured on an upcoming episode of "Ramseys Kitchen Nightmares"...

Happy birthday Guardianlunnaei! XD
My daughters will NOT be buying any of the costumes in the "tween" or "teen" girl sections of your store. They want costumes that are cool and scary. They DO NOT want to look like they're jumping out of a cake at a bachelor party! For the last several years they have picked costumes from the "boys" section. It's 2011, why can't tween and teen girls get costumes that don't look like something out of the Lovers Lane catologue?! Oh wait, they have to go to the boys section. Because thats where the cool and scary costumes are...
Cookie dough and baked goods and lollipops and coupon books and holiday wrap and...

"Why does he fight me?" The Spirit of the Ring grumbled as he finally regained control of the body. "Does he WANT to be beaten to a bloody pulp?! Does he care more for these bullies than his own well being? How did the fool manage to survive before I came to him?"

No matter, he was back in control With more than enough time to get to school and make an example of those fools who thought tormenting Landlord was acceptible amusment. If only his host would put the effort he expended fighting the spirit into defending himself, then the spirit wouldn't have to intervine...

Making a final ajustment to the school uniform, the spirit paused at the mirror in the hallway, then froze jaw dropping in horrified disbelief. His hands flew to his hair rubbing frantically. (What in the name of Ammit had the idiot done to himself?!?!)

There was no way. They could not go to school like this. He'd spend the entire day fighting for their lives should they appear in public. And already he could hear the dammed pharoah snickering in his mind...

"Alright Landlord, you win THIS time. We will stay home and you will remove every trace of whatever you used to dye your hair pink!!"

Happy birthday Not Hathor! XDD
Yes, we've had storms. Some were severe storms with flooded basements and parking lots. But, that was a couple of weeks ago, I shouldn't now be finding that sections of the dining room carpet are waterlogged!! Hubby thinks water got into the air conditioner sleeve and backed into the dining room. I pray thats ALL it is, a broken heating pipe is something I can't cope with right now!

Same day, Kitchen cabinet door above the sink broke loose and attacked me. neighbor tried to put it back with an electric screwdriver, no luck, need bigger screws. while that was going on, firstborn answers the phone. By the time the phone is handed to me, she has joined the freshman girls swim team. First practice is tomorrow morning, at seven a.m.

Younger kid is twelve today. She is having a sleepover party on Friday. I am ready to drop...
Been feeling awful since getting back from the trip. Have been wracked with a nastry gastric bug, we are in the middle of a major heat wave, and an unending series of thunderstorms have kept us on edge and continuasly disrupted power.

I think I'm going to be off LJ for a while until things settle down. Can't get the energy to think, let alone write. Plus, come Monday, we may find our selves joining the far too many people hit by layoffs.

Hopefully when I'm back it will be with good news and I'll have the energy and creativity to get back to writing. I suspect there are some b-day fics I'll need to catch up on...
Just had some big nasty storms blow through our area. Hubby herded us all down to the basement after a whacking huge tree branch landed at the edge of our patio. Luckily nothing else happened except for the circut breaker tripping. Tomorrow we will check out the rest of the complex.

Heading off to bed soon...
Yesterday I go into a crafts store to pick up some items, and notice a sign on the door that the company is inviting people to apply for jobs. Competative pay, great benefits, the whole nine yards. The store is close to my house, there are no Sunday hours, store closes at eight pm, so I figure why not? The associate at the checkout shows me the display stand with a ton of applications, (I'm thinking how nice it is not to have to apply online, all I've been getting after applying on line is a mailbox full of spam.)so I get what I need and take one home to fill out. All over the five part application are warnings about the companys high ethical standards, how they will do a thorough backround check, how important honesty is, ect, ect.

This morning I return to the store with my completed application and hand it to a supervisor, who tells me that there are NO jobs, they are CUTTING positions. Why is the sign on the door? "Thats for managment and you have to apply online"

Should I even bother to wonder why you were checking out my application so thoroughly as I was leaving, seeing as how there ARE NO JOBS?
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