"Nothing will go wrong." Bakura told himself. He could go back to school, secure in the knowledge that his newly embodied "other" would be well looked after. (And kept out of whatever trouble he might have managed to get into broken leg not withstanding!)

The thief wasn't the sort of person who would docilly obey the instructions of a visiting nurse, or even a prison warden. (Not that Bukura knew any prison wardens he disliked enough to inflict the thiefs society on, even their gym teacher didn't deserve that!) So he was astonished and deeply grateful when Yugi's "friend" voluntered his services, adamantly refusing Bakura's offer of payment. For some odd reason, he insisted he owed Bakura this favor...

"Finally! the foolish boy was going to school!" It was about time Landlord stopped coddling him and got on with his life! He was getting around quite well on crutches, thank you very much, and once the cast came off he would take back his role as the boy's guardian and protector. And with the final defeat of Zorc, he could be a true protector, not a danger to Landlord. He had already decided to accept U.N.I.T.'s offer of employment when Landlord finished his schooling and returned to the land of his mother's people. He would be a provider, not a burden! Of course, he still intended to get his revenge on the idiot pharaoh, but with both of them in their own bodies, the boy need not be involved in it.

The doorbell roused him from his musings. He answered the greatings of Yugi and the others with a grunt, noting with interest that "His Majesty" was not among them. And why did that very tall fellow Landlord was speaking with seem familiar..?

The answer when it finally came to him, left him too stunned to react untill Landlord and the others had left the building, and by then they were too far away to hear his impassioned swearing. One month. The gods had apparantly decreed that as punishment for his sins, he would endure an entire month... Left to the close personal supervision of the Dark Magician!

Quick note; This takes place early in the Happily Ever After? AU.

Happy birthday not hathor! XD!
While Kaiba did find Atem's reaction to his new wardrobe entertaining,he was far more interested in the latest report from his spys at Industrial Illusions.

He had heard the rumors of course, but now he had (in writing)proof of Pegasus's arrogant stupidity. If Tenma thought HE was going to inherit Industrial Illusions and threaten Kaiba Corporations Duel Monster licensing, he was about to get a very unpleasant wake-up call!

Everyone knew about the three million dollars that Yugi had won, then promptly given away to the bonkatsu. (For reasons Kaiba actually understood, though he would never admit it.)What most people had forgotten was the OTHER prize. Sixty one percent of Industrial Illusions to whoever defeated Pegasus at Duelist Kingdom. Yugi had done exactly that, and was now the majority shareholder. AND thanks to sloppy wording in the contracts, (Kaiba would have fired his entire legal department for such a mistake!)Yugi was legally Industrial Illusion's CEO.

Of course Kaiba knew Yugi was totally unsuited for the position, even if he had wanted it. For all his courage in defending his friends and the world at large from the return of the shadows,he lacked the ruthlessness needed in the cutthroat corporate world. How fortunate it was that now there was someone who could take that burden from him. Some one who would happily protect Yugi's interests while Yugi pursued his own dreams. Kaiba was sure Atem would be a fast learner with his guidance, after all, he had ruled over one of the most powerful empires in the ancient world.

"Kaiba, what am I supposed to do with this?"
Kaiba looked up from his laptop to find Atem holding out a long piece of cloth.

"It's a tie , Atem. It goes around the neck."

"Ah! Like a garrote?"

Kaiba smiled inwardly. Oh yes, Atem had the required ruthlessness! He led his rival and business student over to a mirror and showed him what to do...

Happy B-Day Lucid! (This is set in the Happily Ever After? universe.)



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