Weekends tend to be hectic here, especially with the holidays approching. I'll try to keep posting daily, but its possible I might miss a day or two at times. On the week days before winter break daily postings are easier.
Been doing some research to get ready to work on "Atonement", and have been reading up on A.E. funeral customs. Several of my sources mention professional "Mourning Women", whose job was to accompany the deceased and the family while wailing and tearing their hair. Does anyone know if the Ancient Egyptians had a name for these women? Also,would the Royal family have kept their own mourners on retainer as part of the palace staff? I want to write a scene where a funeral has been arranged for someone of high rank, but needs to be carried out in utmost secrecy. Under such circumstances, who would attend/oversee it?(Pharaoh Seto would be there,as he gave the orders for it.)

In real world news, it's cold, our parking lot is a skating rink, and we are supposed to get 3 to 6 inches of snow overnight...
My main computer was hijacked by an evil virus, so I'm on my little notebook for awhile. Did get my newest fic "Farewell" posted, but this screen is a might small for working on the rest of my planned fic's. Will still be commenting and I do believe there are some B-Day fics due soon MWAA HA HA!...
"Unfinished Business" is now complete. Thanks once again to Dragon, and to Lucid for the help with A.E. astronomy.

Will take a little rest and decide what to work on next. Either "Atonement" or "Farewell". Both will be one-shots, no doubt to the relief of all...
Today begins the final week of school for our district. They should have been out last week, but we had several snow days and have to make up for that.  I know the district would lose state funds if we don't make up the days, but it's frustrating since I know the kids are restless and no real learning is going on. I'm tempted to keep them home friday, so they don't miss the first day of summer bowling league. (Bad Mom!) Oh well, it does mean I get one more paycheck before break.

Yesterday the kids went to a b-day party and Hubby and I went to Sam's Club and indulged ourselves with a new flat screen tv and a blu-ray player. It's a 32inch screen but only weighs about 25lbs and uses 44% less power. Also has less toxic stuff in it and recycled packaging, so our indulgence is helping the enviorment! We gave one of our old tvs to a neighbor and put one in the girls room, so everyone is happy :)

Hubbys company has ordered all employees to take a one week unpayed furlough, (Better than permanent paycuts!) so we may go out of town for a vacation. Hubby REALLY needs one!

As for fic, I'm really liking the idea of the  AU I started with "Happily Ever After?" I may keep up with continueing snippits on how all their lives would go. I still will keep writing the "RingBearer" centric stories on Ff.Net as time permits. And I see some b-days are coming up, and I already have ideas for those...
Today the sun is out, the wind has dropped and there are actual buds on the trees. Was finally able to have the kids walk to the bus stop. Maybe I can sit out on the patio by June at this rate!

Have decided that the "Principal's Office' fic will be the first of my little ficlets to go to the pit. Timeline wise, it is the earliest fic, starting off Duelist Kingdom. Someday I WILL get around to posting a timeline at my profile on ff.net!

I've also been plotting out a family tree for Atem. ( I know, too much time on my hands!)

Siamon: Atem's maternal grandfather, also father of Priest Shadaa
Akhenamkhanen: Father of Atem and Isis by the Great Royal Wife. Also father of Mahaad and Mana by other wives.
Akunadin: Younger brother of Akhenamkhanen, father of Priest Seto.
Mahaad: Half brother of Atem and Isis, married to Isis. Two daughters died in infancy, son stillborn.
Mana: Half sister of Atem, Isis and Mahaad. Betrothed to Atem, then becamer Great Wife of Seto after the death of Atem, Isis And Mahaad. Son born several months after the sealing of Zorc, father uncertain at this time.
Atem: Several children born to his harem, all killed when Zorc's attack destroyed the harem palace.

You can all kill me now...



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