Much as he wanted to, Kaiba could not refuse the old man's request. His actions had nearly cost the old man's life AND resulted in the destruction of a priceless card. So, he would fulfill the obligation Motou had to withdraw from due to illness. Honor and pride demanded it, even if he hadn't felt some remorse. ( He just wished Motou had asked for something simple, like half ownership of Kaiba Corporation.)

So far it hadn't been TOO bad. No one had recognized him in the ridiculious getup and the children had been generally well behaved. (And no one had tried to set his beard on fire.)

Just when he thought he would escape with his dignity intact, a mini tsunnami of squealing children (AND their parents.) swept toward the dais upon which he was enthroned, along with two giggling "helpers" dressed in mini dresses and go-go boots. He wasn't too alarmed when the mob parted enough for him to see Yugi signing autografs at a frantic pace, after all, there was no way his rival could recognize him, even if Yugi were able too see him over the heads of his fans.

Unfortunatly, Yugi had not come to this event unaccompanied. Honda and Jonouchi were with him, and had noticed "Santa". AND had come up with what their miniscule brains cosidered a great idea.

Even as Kaiba started to move it was already too late. A galaxy of flashbulbs went off as hundreds of cameras captured for posterity the moment when the two grinning idiots lifted a protesting "King of Games" off his feet and dumped him in "Santa's' lap.

Ho ho ho...

Happy B-Day Scribbler. Hope this provides some needed cheer!
How could he have forgotton? HOW?!

He'd make up for it somehow. He'd take his little brother anywhere he wanted to go,do whatever he wanted. If Mokuba was still speaking to him after this. How could he have forgotten?

He was out of the limo even before it had come to a complete stop in front of the mansion. Mokuba dashed out the front door and jumped into his arms.

"Mokuba I'm SO sorry-"

"Seto it was awesome-"

"I promise I'll make it up to you-"

"I wish you could have been there-"

"I wish I could have been there-"

Wait, what?

"They took me to the water park and the rides. and we ate at Burger World and Anzu and Shizuka made a cake for me and oh Seto it was great to go everywhere just like a regular kid! Thanks for letting them take me out for my birthday! I want to do it again next year, but I want you to come too, You'd have a great time!"

Let them take you out? What was his little brother going on about? He had totally forgotten Mokubas birthday until the flight home. It was then that he saw Yugi and the others watching the reunion.

"You don't owe us anything, Kaiba." Yugi half whispered.

"Yeah, you do moneybags-OW! Anzu! that was my foot!

Yes, he did owe them, but for once, he didn't mind at all...

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"Isono! We are in the middle of a crisis here! What is the reason for the delay?"

"I-I'm sorry sir! It's the car sir, we've had to send for another car."

"Another car? What happened to the car we arrived in?"

"Sir- it's difficult to explain-"

"Difficult is what I pay you to handle, is it not Isono? And quite handsomely I might add. Now kindly stop dithering and tell me why we are not on our way to that idiot Pegasus's office."

"Well sir, the creatures that have been sighted-"

"- Have NOTHING to do with Kaiba Corp! I made that very clear in that ridiculus press conference. now what is going on with the car?!"

"I um, well it would be best if you were to see for your self..."

Kaiba's mood was not improved by the fresh hoarde of idiots swarming around the entance to the building snapping pictures of...of...

It had to be his enemies. The same faceless enemies behind this latest attempt to discredit him. There was no other explanation; neither Yugi would ever seek to humiliate him in this way and the bonkotsu didn't have the means to pull this off.

He found himself wishing that he WAS the one capable of summoning the hoarde of duel monsters rampaging world wide. If he had been, he'd be summoning a Blue Eyes to fry the gigantic Niwatori chicken roosting placidly on the roof of his limosine...

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Alright, Honda thought glumly, Maybe they shouldn't have just dived into the food but jeez Kaiba it's not the end of the world.

"A drunken pig has better table manners!"

How were they supposed to know Kaiba had invited a bunch of bigshots over to his brand new resturant? It wasn't as if the place had signs annoucing a private event...

"The Chamber of Commerce... the mayor... the govenor..!"

Cut us some slack already Kaiba! Did any of those hotshots help save the world, let alone your company?


Oh come on, it's not like Yugi had a choice! Kaiba should have been going after that crazy Vivien Wong! She kidnapped Yugi's grandpa to force Yugi into that duel. (And he was dueling, NOT dancing!)

It took a good hour and forty five minutes, plus Yugi's promise to endorse Kaiba Corp products for the next twenty years to get Kaiba to stop foaming at the mouth. But just when it seemed they could avert the creation of another Death-T, Jonouchi opened his mouth;

"It aint all bad Moneybags. You'll get lots of publicity when that Ramsey dude puts your resturant on his show... What? What did I say?!"

Not A good idea Bro... NOT a good idea reminding Kaiba that his Kaibaland resturant was going to be featured on an upcoming episode of "Ramseys Kitchen Nightmares"...

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"Why does he fight me?" The Spirit of the Ring grumbled as he finally regained control of the body. "Does he WANT to be beaten to a bloody pulp?! Does he care more for these bullies than his own well being? How did the fool manage to survive before I came to him?"

No matter, he was back in control With more than enough time to get to school and make an example of those fools who thought tormenting Landlord was acceptible amusment. If only his host would put the effort he expended fighting the spirit into defending himself, then the spirit wouldn't have to intervine...

Making a final ajustment to the school uniform, the spirit paused at the mirror in the hallway, then froze jaw dropping in horrified disbelief. His hands flew to his hair rubbing frantically. (What in the name of Ammit had the idiot done to himself?!?!)

There was no way. They could not go to school like this. He'd spend the entire day fighting for their lives should they appear in public. And already he could hear the dammed pharoah snickering in his mind...

"Alright Landlord, you win THIS time. We will stay home and you will remove every trace of whatever you used to dye your hair pink!!"

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Somewhere in Alaska:

Kaiba never imagined that there would come a time that he would actually relish being cut off from almost all communication with the outside world.

Mokuba had wanted to come with him, and he did miss his little brother, but it was better that Mokuba stayed in school and maintained something of a normal routine while they waited for the uproar to die down.

He did recieve letters when the supply plane made it's weekly visit, updating him on the status of his company. Business at least was still booming, in spite of, or even because of his being the laughing stock of the planet. The U.S. authorities wanted him to testify at the upcoming congressional hearings on video piracy, but he was confident that they wouldn't be able to locate him or Yugi.

His rival had been remarkably forgiving about the whole disgusting affair,and the Motou family seemed to be enjoying their extended vacation in Ulan Bator, according to the latest letter from Yugi. Kaiba in turn had promised the Other Yugi that when those responsible for their predicament had been identified, he would personally hand them over for whatever punishment the Puzzle Spirit wanted to inflict. Hell, he'd even provide the refreshments.

Video piracy had been an ongoing problem since the invention of the VCR, and Kaiba wasn't surprised when bootleg videos of his Battle City duel with Yugi showed up on the black market. While Kaiba Corp. might lose money that people would otherwise have been spent on official releases of the footage, it would not have become a world wide embarrasment if not for the awful translations provided by the idiots who apparently couldn't speak Japanese or English! A loss of profit, Kaiba could cope with, hearing Yugi repeatedly asking if Kaiba was trying to seduce him and he in turn declaring that his rival looked good as "The Naked King", THAT was another matter entirely!

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This was indeed inspired by recent posts in playthedammedcard regarding the hilarious HK subs.
He had no intention of taking the Items or the God Cards. He knew now that his purposes would be better served by letting Yugi gather the Items and open the doorway. Nevertheless, he needed to keep his skills sharp and this little exercise would do that AND provide the opportunity to deliver a crushing blow to the Pharaoh's insufferable ego...

Yugi bolted from his bed in the middle of the night, his other's warning of shadow magic being invoked startling him almost awake. THE ITEMS!! Groping for the light switch, he blinked againest the sudden onslaught of light, while reaching for the bag which held the Rod, Necklace, and the God Cards. They were all there, nothing had been disturbed.

"Partner, I'm sorry. I was SURE-"

"It's okay, Other Me. I know we have to be careful." Yugi gave a reassuring pat to the Puzzle resting against his bare chest...

Wait,what?! Yugi stared in confusion, he wasn't wearing his pajamas. In fact, he wasn't wearing anything BUT the Puzzle! The hell-?

He went over to the dresser and felt the first stirrings of panic as every drawer was opened and found to be empty of clothing. Checking the closet revealed the full magnatude of the disaster. There had indeed been a shadow attack, and it had left poor Yugi feeling particulatly vunerable.

His other was swearing all manner of hideous vengence on the ring spirit, but it would have to be accomplished without Yugi's cooperation. He wasn't going anywhere, not after every stitch of clothing he owned- even the pile of dirty laundry hidden under the bed -had been spirited out of his room!

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While it was not his place to question the actions of his pharaoh, there were times when he found those actions confusing at best, and in this case, downright annoying!

Try as he might, he could not understand why the creatures surrounding him had been banished to the shadows. They were noisy and untidy, true enough, but he could sense no evil intent in any of them. Reviewing the events of the day failed to reveal any threats to either of his masters, only the dancing duelist who had bothered the Lady Anzu with his unwanted attentions. Pharaoh had put ill-mannered youth in his place, but there had been no penalty game. Perhaps these creatures were not supposed to be in the shadows at all, their arrival merely an accident. In that case, the best thing to do would be to return them to wherever they had come from. Since he didn't know where that would be, he would do the next best thing.
Yugi he was sure, would know what to do with them...

"Just one day." Yugi muttered. "I left him on his own for just ONE DAY! With Anzu no less. A duel I could understand, even soul stealing threats would make sense! But why this? Why do I have to wake up and find my room is FULL OF PIGEONS?!?!?"

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He WOULD have his revenge on the Ring Spirit! The insult to his pride would not go unanswered!

The problem was how to go about exacting his revenge. He had no desire to inflict a penalty game on Ryou, the hapless bearer of the Ring was blameless in the incident at Kaiba's snow day party. (Well, Mokuba's party, the idea that KAIBA would host a party and invite them to it was beyond his comprehension... which reminded him that he would have to pay his rival back for dumping Yugi in that snowbank, another defeat in a duel ought to do it, it had been all in fun...)

But the Ring Spirit was another matter. Not only had the other spirit's malicious prank humiliated him in front of their friends, it could have endangered his partners health! (Though Yugi HAD looked adorable wrapped in that blanket.) If that bastard thought he could hide behind Ryou's innocence he was sorely mistaken!

The one thing both spirits had in common was that they would not allow their hosts to be abused by the bullies infesting Domino High School. They had both learned that the boys locker room was where most threats were likely to be encountered. The Puzzle spirit knew that Jonouchi and Honda would watch out for Yugi, but Ryou was in a different class, which meant that his darkness was forced to emerge during gym to ensure Ryou's saftey. And THAT would be his undoing...

"FERRETS?!? Someone put live FERRETS in Bakura's gym shorts?!?"

"Naw Yuge, it was gerbils I think... Or maybe hamsters. Some guy said it was more than a dozen of them. Coach was chasing them all over the locker room, then they just vanished."

"What about Bakura, is he okay?" Anzu asked.

"Yeah, the nurse checked him over and sent him home early, of course we know RYOU wasn't the one who put the shorts on..."

It was just after dismissal that Hanasaki caught up to Yugi in front of the school. "Hey Yugi, I found these cards by Bakura's gym locker, he must have forgotten them when to leave early."

Yugi studied the four cards Hanasaki had handed him. Three were beast cards, Bubonic Vermin to be precise. Yugi hadn't realized Bakura used them in his deck... The fourth card... OH SHIT! Yugi quickly checked his deck, DAMM! It was his Multiply card! And the vermin, shadow creatures that looked just like hamsters-!

"Other Me!! Get out here RIGHT NOW!!"

Happy B-Day dragon! XD
"This isn't fair!" Kaiba fumed. "He's four years older than Mokuba. I should be able to take my eyes off him for FIVE DAMM MINUTES!"

The aggravated C.E.O. stalked through the shopping mall of an average middle American suburb wondering WHY he agreed to chaperone Yugi on this Duel Monsters tour. It wasn't as if he owed the little geek anything; aside from his and Mokuba's life several times over, and that business with his grandfathers card...

All right Seto, stop and think. There are one hundred sixty two stores in this mall. What KIND of store would attract Yugi? Clothes? Hardly, have you ever seen him in something other than his school uniform? Books? Would he read anything other than a game manual... wait, games... Didn't you just pass a brand new game store?

And there he is. "Yugi, Lets go! NOW Yugi! Yugi we have a schedule to keep... No, we don't have time to try a new game... Yugi if you want it that badly I'll buy it for you, hell I'll buy the whole damm store, just get moving! No! Yugi don't give me that look! We don't have time- oh all right! ONE game, just one, understand..?"

Two hours later...

"Hey guys," Tucker said. "Whats with that huge crowd over there? Is the cast of Twilight signing autographs or something?"

"I can't tell." Danny replied,leading them through the oddly silent and intense crowd.

"It's gotta be something big." Sam pointed to the local tv news crew that had set up shop at the entrance to what they could now see was the new game store that had opened last week.

It took some doing, but they finally pushed their way to the front of the mob...

"Oh man! Am I really seeing this guys?! Sam, Danny, am I really seeing Seto Kaiba AND Yugi Motou right here in Amity Park?!?"

"What are they doing? It's not Duel Monsters..."

"It looks like some kind of board game..."

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Mokuba sat in the waiting room wallowing in guilt, anger and sadness.

Guilt over the fact that for the first time ever, he had hoped and prayed that Seto would LOSE the duel. Anger that his brothers stubborness had forced Yugi to challenge him when they all could see that Seto was in no shape to duel. (Or do anything else for that matter.)Sadness that Seto cared so little for his own welfare...

"Seto PLEASE! You have to take care of yourself! How can you run Kaiba Corp. when you're in so much pain-!"

"Mokuba it's just a toothache! I can handle it!"

"JUST a toothache?!? Your face is so swollen you can barely talk-"

I have work to do dammit-OW!"

He had been desperate enough to call Yugi, but, it hadn't been necessary. Yugi, (the other Yugi, Mokuba had learned to how to tell them apart.)was suddenly there in the office. How he had gotten past security Mokuba would never know...

"Kaiba...Get your deck and get down to the arena...NOW."

Even knowing how badly Seto was hurting, Mokuba was shocked by how quickly the duel had ended.Once in the limo with only his brother and rival to witness,he finally gave in to the pain, moaning quietly as Isono broke several traffic laws...

Impacted wisdom teeth, the dentist informed them. Seto really should have come to see her weeks ago. They would have to make sure he rested at home for at least three days. A week would be even better. Mokuba would make sure his brother rested, even if he had to lock him in his bedroom. Yugi (Both of them.)would be happy to help. The dentist was a very nice lady. Mokuba hoped she would never learn that a visit to her office had been the Other Yugi's latest penalty game...

Happy B-Day lunnaei!
"Good afternoon, Kame Game Shop..."

Seto Kaiba, you are an idiot!

"Would you like your recept in the bag madam?..."

WHY do you let him goad you in to these situations?!

"Did you find everthing you need sir?..."

"Is beating him in a duel that important?

"We to appear to be out of stock. Would you like me to see if we can special order it for you?..."


"So let me get this straight Yuge, Kaiba made a bet with Other You that if he lost the duel, he'd work Your shift at the game shop?! C'mon Yuge, you gotta let us see that!"

Uh uh guys, the whole reason Other Me made the bet with Kaiba was so we could go out and have fun together. And I promised Kaiba I'd keep you away from the shop. Now lets get to the water park!"


"Good afternoon, Kame Game Shop..."

I'm going to get you back for this...Somehow...

Happy birthday astraybucanneer
"I'm going to kill him Yugi."


"I'll do it Yugi, I swear. Then I'll bring him back to life so I can kill him again!"

Yugi was actually glad Atem wasn't here to see his dearest rival reduced to this state, tearing his office apart, snorting and bellowing like his Battle Ox. And if he had seen the reason for Kaiba's fury, well, he might have laughed, even while planning a suitibly horrific shadow game to avenge the insult to Kaiba's pride. Something involving rabid bunnies...

"Kaiba,please calm down. It's almost time to leave for the dedication ceremony-"

"I'm not going!"

"Kaiba! You have to! The Duel Acadamy is YOUR creation!"

"Yugi I CAN't! How can I show my face in public wondering how many of my business associates have seen me in a CHICKEN SUIT!!!"

"Oh for- Kaiba! Calm down and think! He won't mass produce that card. There wouldn't be any point to it. It's only purpose is to help summon Blue Eyes and you are the only person who has the Blue Eyes cards. Kaiba please, you have to go. What would people think if you didn't show up for the opening of YOUR Duel Acadamy?"

"Yugi... You're right, I have to be there... But I'm still going to kill him."

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"Worry and stress." Isono kept telling himself. His employer's odd behavior HAD to be the result of worry and stress. He didn't want to imagine the consequences if people began to suspect that the C.E.O. of Kaiba Corp. was having some kind of breakdown.

He stood guarding the entrance to the private family waiting room while Kaiba paced a furrow in the plush carpet, trying NOT to listen to the agitated bursts of conversation.

"He's going to be fine... Yes, Dr. Okuma is an excellent surgeon... He wouldn't have been Mokuba's surgeon if he wasn't. Appendicitis CAN be very serious, but fortunatly it was caught before it ruptured... Yes, I personally notified his grandfather-AND I'm sure the geek squad will be along monentarally, an event I'm looking foward to only because then I can get back to running my company...

All in all, a perfectly ordinary conversation under the circumstances- IF in fact his employer had been talking to a PERSON, not that pyramid-shaped pendant of Yugi Mouto's that Kaiba held protectivly in his arms...

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The doctors had told him he would be allowed to go home in the morning, and he wanted to be well rested. But, that was NOT going to happen. Not if his other didn't settle down.

"Partner, It's EVIL!"

"It's a TEDDY BEAR!"

"I sense an evil intellegence within it Yugi! You saw how she talked to it during the du-"

"Oh for the love of-! She was just trying to psych me out! Look, Other Me, Rebecca and her Grandfather were concerned when they heard about the fire. She left Teddy here to cheer me up. He's perfectly harmless. Now go to sleep."

"But Yugi-"


Embedded deep within the Puzzle, the Spirit of the Ring was enjoying himself immensely. He waited a few moments, untill he was sure only his hated nemises was still awake and aware. Then, he projected himself into the stuffed toy.

Teddy's beady eyes glowed. He growled in a demonic voice.

"I'm going to GET you..."

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