So let's see... I got got tagged by not hathor, so I need to tell 16 random things about myself, then tag 16 people including not hathor. Have I got that right? Good, here goes.

1) I was alive when JFK was our first Catholic president, today I will watch the inaugeration of our first African American president.
2) I have two half brothers, but we were not raised together.
3) We moved constantly, I attended twelve different schools, including three high schools before graduating.
4) My ancestry is a mix of German, Russian and Puerto Rican. My brothers and cousins added African American and Asian Indian to the family mix. My husband is English/Norwigian. We are the United Nations...
5)Star Trek was my first fandom. I have also followed  Dr Who, American Gothic, Dark Shadows, and  Highlander.
6) Yu-Gi-Oh is my current fandom obsession. It is the first fandom i posted stories for on the internet.
7) My favorite authors are Jonathan and Faye Kellerman, Steven King, Rett MacPherson Dean Koonz, Elisabeth Peters and Katheryn Kurtz.
8) TV shows I must watch are Law and Order and Cold Case.
9)I am an animal lover. I have had dogs, (showed Alaskan Malamutes and Golden Retrievers in conformation and junior showmanship.) cats, fish, and birds. Right now we have a cat and a beta fish.
10) I have lived in four states, and have traveled to twenty one states, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.
11) I have seen the Atlantic Ocean. I want to see the Pacific Ocean someday.
12) I once petted a full grown lioness. My kids bottled fed a tiger cub.
13) I want to travel to England, Japan and New Zealand.
14) I play Yu-Gi-Oh TCG online. I'm at level 21.
15) I wish I had a closer relationship with my family.
16) I wish my neighbors would give me some peace and quiet.

OK, I tag not hathor, scribbler, red convoy, kmtr, technicolor nina dragondancer, lucid, myaibou,  lunnaei, ithyapook (sp?) and both puzzlemasters. I don't think I know anyone else...



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