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On his first visit to the Shadow Realm, he'd been torn apart by his own monsters. His second trip had resulted in his being locked up in a card with only the knowledge that he had utterly failed to protect his brother to keep him company. The third time around, he was getting an ornaments- eye view of just how wonderful and magical his tree truly was.

What ever his latest transgression was, it couldn't have been too awful if his only penalty was this peaceful purgatory nestled among the twinkling lights and silver tinsel, in the company of the mightiest and most majestic monsters in the game, in all their delicate glass glory...

"Seto, You will never defeat my masters in a duel-"

And there it was, the voice that ushered him straight to the deepest pit of hell.

"I've overcome much worse than anything your masters could ever dream of. Either of them." Well well, he could talk. He must be a battery powered ornament!

"Very true Seto. You have indeed overcome great hardship and cruelty. Think on why you were able to do so and you will understand why you will not defeat my masters."

Oh that was low! Make what he endured- what MOKUBA endured into a stupid riddle!

"Damm you! Do you think I did it all for FUN?!! I needed Mokuba to be safe! I didn't matter! I had to win for him!"

"Exactly Seto. If you listen, if you truly understand what I am going to tell you, you will free yourself of the prison you have locked yourself in. You WANTED to win your brother's safety and freeedom. You wanted it more than your own life. But, the duels you fight with my masters, the duels to which you bring all your power and skill, you do not win. Because Seto Kaiba, you do not WANT to win!"

To be continued...
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