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May. 21st, 2011 07:29 pm
It's 7:26 PM over here and the world hasn't ended. Darn it, now I'm stuck cooking dinner. On the upside, the new Doctor Who episode will be on in half an hour.
Note to self;

You have school concerts to volunter at, bowling award banquets, birthday, christaning and graduation parties to attend and organize. House work still needs to get done, and fic writing every so often. None of this can get done IF YOU KEEP FALLING OVER AND BUSTING UP YOUR LEG!

Lucky for me, it was only pulled muscles and pinched nerves this time. Still the two hours spent in the doctors office and pharmacy were hours I could have been spending on something a bit more productive...
So now I just found out I can no longer get PMs at my account. I didn't disable them, after enabling again, the settings show that PMs are enabled, but.. they're NOT! Great, now people will think I don't want to talk to them. I suppose I could display my e-mail there, what do you guys think?

Edit: Never mind, it's back. Grrrrr...
Elisabeth Sladen, who played Sarah Jane Smith my all time favorite Doctor Who companion, has passed away of cancer. She was sixty three.

Back when we still had a VCR in the house, I had every one of her episodes with both Pertwee and Baker. I loved her portrayal of Sarah Jane as this put upon soul coping with the insanity that was the Doctor, while still able to stand up for herself and give as good as she got. Among my favorite scenes was when she was trying convince a giant robot that humanity was not hoplessly evil, The quite competence she displayed handling firearms in "The Giant Robot" and Pyramids of Mars" episodes, and the wonderful line: "There's no only in being female!"
Somewhere in Alaska:

Kaiba never imagined that there would come a time that he would actually relish being cut off from almost all communication with the outside world.

Mokuba had wanted to come with him, and he did miss his little brother, but it was better that Mokuba stayed in school and maintained something of a normal routine while they waited for the uproar to die down.

He did recieve letters when the supply plane made it's weekly visit, updating him on the status of his company. Business at least was still booming, in spite of, or even because of his being the laughing stock of the planet. The U.S. authorities wanted him to testify at the upcoming congressional hearings on video piracy, but he was confident that they wouldn't be able to locate him or Yugi.

His rival had been remarkably forgiving about the whole disgusting affair,and the Motou family seemed to be enjoying their extended vacation in Ulan Bator, according to the latest letter from Yugi. Kaiba in turn had promised the Other Yugi that when those responsible for their predicament had been identified, he would personally hand them over for whatever punishment the Puzzle Spirit wanted to inflict. Hell, he'd even provide the refreshments.

Video piracy had been an ongoing problem since the invention of the VCR, and Kaiba wasn't surprised when bootleg videos of his Battle City duel with Yugi showed up on the black market. While Kaiba Corp. might lose money that people would otherwise have been spent on official releases of the footage, it would not have become a world wide embarrasment if not for the awful translations provided by the idiots who apparently couldn't speak Japanese or English! A loss of profit, Kaiba could cope with, hearing Yugi repeatedly asking if Kaiba was trying to seduce him and he in turn declaring that his rival looked good as "The Naked King", THAT was another matter entirely!

Happy birthday icthyopook!

This was indeed inspired by recent posts in playthedammedcard regarding the hilarious HK subs.
Schools finally opened today. Kids weren't happy, but Hubby drove them to school. Just got a recorded message from the school principal, a school bus was hit from behind by a vehicle. The message gave the route number, it was the bus that my kids would take if I didn't drive them. Luckely, none of the kids on the bus were injured...
Just recieved word from the school district, schools are closed all day thursday...

He had no intention of taking the Items or the God Cards. He knew now that his purposes would be better served by letting Yugi gather the Items and open the doorway. Nevertheless, he needed to keep his skills sharp and this little exercise would do that AND provide the opportunity to deliver a crushing blow to the Pharaoh's insufferable ego...

Yugi bolted from his bed in the middle of the night, his other's warning of shadow magic being invoked startling him almost awake. THE ITEMS!! Groping for the light switch, he blinked againest the sudden onslaught of light, while reaching for the bag which held the Rod, Necklace, and the God Cards. They were all there, nothing had been disturbed.

"Partner, I'm sorry. I was SURE-"

"It's okay, Other Me. I know we have to be careful." Yugi gave a reassuring pat to the Puzzle resting against his bare chest...

Wait,what?! Yugi stared in confusion, he wasn't wearing his pajamas. In fact, he wasn't wearing anything BUT the Puzzle! The hell-?

He went over to the dresser and felt the first stirrings of panic as every drawer was opened and found to be empty of clothing. Checking the closet revealed the full magnatude of the disaster. There had indeed been a shadow attack, and it had left poor Yugi feeling particulatly vunerable.

His other was swearing all manner of hideous vengence on the ring spirit, but it would have to be accomplished without Yugi's cooperation. He wasn't going anywhere, not after every stitch of clothing he owned- even the pile of dirty laundry hidden under the bed -had been spirited out of his room!

Happy B-Day Lucid! :)
We had a fairly big storm blow through yesterday. Roads at least weren't too bad, (Glad I don't live in Indiana, they always get the worst of the lake effect snow.)which was fortunate since I had to take Firstborn to freshman orientation at the high school.

Today I need to catch up on laundry and the kids have to pre-bowl after school. Not going to get a whole lot of writing done...
"Um... Hi... I kind of feel wierd talking to a christmas tree ornament-not that I'm saying YOU'RE wierd-it's just, well I wanted to say thanks for what you did for my brother. I know he he can be a real jerk at times, and he's not very nice to you in duels, but he really has been trying to be a better person. Flying with the dragons was so cool, and It was great seeing him so happy! He'll never admit it,but I think he's having a great time with everybody being here. I think it's awesome that Other Yugi's teaching him magic- do you think maybe I could learn any- well probably not, I suppose Seto's always had some kind of magic, and thats how he could read the god cards. I know you have to go home with Yugi, but I hope you can visit us once in awhile. I promise I won't tell on you if you do. Well, I suppose I better get back to bed before anybody wonders why I'm talking to the tree in the library. Oh, and if there really IS a Santa Claus and you happen to see him, can you ask him for me to tell Jonouchi to quit picking fights with Seto? Seto really IS trying to be a better person! Oh well, Merry Christmas..."


"Hey! Ow! Dammit Honda, quit poking me- AHHHHH!!! Oh shit! What did I do now?!?"

"Jonouchi," Said the Dark Magician. "Let's have a little talk..."

Happy Holidays!
All in all, Mokuba thought, his brother was handling his vacation time rather well.

Oh there was the usual growling and snarking when the hoard of houseguests descended on them, and Seto was definitely uneasy when they saw Yugi's grandpa getting out of the limo. But he didn't attempt to bolt until he saw the cat carrier Yugi was bringing in. In spite of their best efforts, Reaper and Bubbles always managed to find their way into various decks. (While they soon got used to having Dark Magician wandering about the mansion, poor Jonouchi had to spend an entire day hiding from an enraged Anzu after she had stepped out of the shower and come face-to-face with an embarrassed Flame Swordsman.)

Seto almost seemed to enjoy the chaos. Keeping the promise he had made to his little brother, (He could deny Mokuba nothing after they had spent a night flying over Domino on the back of the Blue Eyes.)He avoided all work related activities, joining in the snowball fights,snowboarding and almost any other activities they came up with. (He did draw a large firm line at caroling however.)

Evenings were spent in the gameroom, where Mokuba regularly trounced Honda, Jonouchi,and Anzu at any and all video games, except DDR, where Anzu trounced them all. Seto would be off in a corner having long discussions with both Yugis and Yugi's grandpa. Surprisingly, no one tried to start a duel, except possibly the cats. It was only their first real non-working vacation, but Mokuba was sure it was going to be the best one ever...

To be continued...
"Yugi! What are you doing?!"

"I'm going back to bed, Other Me."

"But we have to get to Kaiba-"

We're going this afternoon, in the car that's coming to pick us up. We are not dashing through the snow at 2:00 am, not even if we HAD a one horse open sleigh!"


"They aren't there now Other Me. If Kaiba has that much control over the shadows, I doubt it will make much difference when we see him. Except that, if we arrive at a civilized hour, there will be much less chance of him trying to feed us to the Blue Eyes."


"And if you even THINK about trying to take over my body to sneak over there, I'll...Yawn... I'll let Reaper play with our deck."

"... !! ... You wouldn't dare..."

"Yawn... Watch me... Go back to sleep Other Me..."

"... Dammit..."

To be continued...
He was alone in the silent library, except for the ghost of a memory.

He saw the ghost boy fling himself on the couch in utter exhaustion, only to be roused by his step-fathers repellent servant flinging the book at his head. he watched as the boy opened the book and discovered the secret treasure his brother had smuggled to him...

"Your brother knew your heart even before you did." He told the boy, watching as he moved to the window, an unspoken dream whispering in the unfelt breeze from a not so distant past. "You've finally embraced the happiness you cast aside for the sake of survival, hold on to it Seto. You have paid the penalty for your wrongs, your scales are balanced."

His pharaoh had first set his rival on the path out of the darkness, but it had been a hard road with too many detours. Honor had been regained, but honor and duty alone could not overcome the guilt, anger and mistrust that crippled the young dragon lord. Joy and play and friends were needed in their turn. Pharaoh in his tragically brief life, had had little time for such frivolities himself, it would fall to Yugi and the others to show them the value of fun for its own sake. (And they WOULD bring fun to the Kaiba mansion, even if some furniture was smashed along the way...)

"You've overlooked something Magician" /Seto, do you EVER sleep?!/


"Thanks to your little games,your masters have gotten hold of the strange idea that I have shadow magic. What will happen when they realize I'M not the one responsible for the purple tree and the flying ornaments?"

"Seto, Seto, It was I who set the game in motion, but my power alone is not enough for ALL that was done this night. And whose power was it that destroyed the Blue Eyes when my masters battled the false Kaiba? Whose power swept aside the future foretold by the necklace? Whose power did the Rod answer to, even when Marik held it in your duel with his sister? Whose power commanded a god beast?"

"But-but- It had to be you! What about the trap card-"

"Have you forgotten Seto? Collected Power is a one turn trap card."

"... Oh shit ..."

To be continued...
Was it a really strange dream, or just another day in the life of someone who knows Yugi Motou?

Mokuba honestly couldn't tell. All he knew was that a duel monster had dragged him out of bed, bundled him into a warm coat he didn't remember owning, and hauled him off to...


He was standing on a snow covered hill, looking up at a sky of deep purple velvet. Diamond stars twinkled like the lights on a christmas tree...

And there were dragons. Dozens of dragons flying all around him. Green dragons, blue dragons, dragons with huge diamonds on their snouts, And most amazing of all...

He watched transfixed as the Blue Eyes hovered above him, the familiar figure on it's back beconing to him.

"Want to go for a ride little brother?"


Yugi wasn't sure what had awakened him, a vaugely familiar sound, like the trumpeting of some great beast? Or maybe it was the weird purple glow coming from the window? Wondering what new threat to the world he was supposed to battle next, he got out of bed and went to the window...


"YUGI! Whats wrong? What-? OH...MY..."

They watched in silent awe as the dragons flew over the stangely silent town of Domino, bathed in the light of the shimmering purple sky...

"That does it! His lessons start tomorrow!"

To be continued...
"Is it so hard to accept that they are also YOUR friends?"

"I-I've had lots of 'friends' so has Mokuba. They all wanted-"

"Wealth? Power? Their concern was not for you but for what they could get from you. Fawning sycphants, parasites, there were many of that ilk in Pharaoh's court. Better to deal with honest open enemies- but that is a lesson you have already learned, is it not so Seto? True friends are a much rarer treasure, and they can only be found with an open heart. Look into your heart now Seto and ask yourself; Why do you challenge my masters again and again?"

Great. Back to THAT again. He was really starting to miss hanging around in the tree. With the dragons...

"I challenge them because they make dueling worth my time. THATS why I keep searching for rare and powerful cards! THATS why I spend hours coming up with new combos and stratagies! I want to be the best, and only the best can beat them!"

"And is it fun?"

Kaiba just stared. /he's doing it again, dammit! He's SMIRKING at me!/

"Is that your point Magician? all right, it is fun! Especially when my dragons fry you! And I'll go even further, I like dueling them because I...LIKE...THEM! Now, can I go back to my tree?"

"You want to be in your tree..?"

Some how Kaiba was finding this hysterically funny. "I've cracked," He thought. "I've finally cracked."

"Yeah, I wanna be in my tree. I want to fly with my dragons. I want to take Mokuba for a ride on a dragon. I want to duel Yugi, (Both of him.) while flying on a dragon. Think 'Santa Claus' will make that happen?"

Dark Magician smirked some more. The purple santa hat was back on his head...

To be continued
While it was not his place to question the actions of his pharaoh, there were times when he found those actions confusing at best, and in this case, downright annoying!

Try as he might, he could not understand why the creatures surrounding him had been banished to the shadows. They were noisy and untidy, true enough, but he could sense no evil intent in any of them. Reviewing the events of the day failed to reveal any threats to either of his masters, only the dancing duelist who had bothered the Lady Anzu with his unwanted attentions. Pharaoh had put ill-mannered youth in his place, but there had been no penalty game. Perhaps these creatures were not supposed to be in the shadows at all, their arrival merely an accident. In that case, the best thing to do would be to return them to wherever they had come from. Since he didn't know where that would be, he would do the next best thing.
Yugi he was sure, would know what to do with them...

"Just one day." Yugi muttered. "I left him on his own for just ONE DAY! With Anzu no less. A duel I could understand, even soul stealing threats would make sense! But why this? Why do I have to wake up and find my room is FULL OF PIGEONS?!?!?"

Habby Birthday Scribbler! XD
First the christmas tree, now a private movie theater. Kaiba had to admit that Dark Magicians talents were definately being wasted on the game of Duel Monsters. Still, had he been given a choice, he'd have prefered the tree and the dragon ornaments to being (literally) glued to his seat, watching the most painful moments of his life in IMAX.

On the screen, a dejected Mokuba opened their front door to admit... YUGI? In answer to Yugi's hushed question, Mokuba merely shook his head. The two of them went up the stairs and down the hall, stopping before a door Kaiba recognized with increasing dread. He shut his eyes against the sight of the slack jawed, unseeing figure in the wheelchair...

"He came to see you every day Seto-and not to gloat. He came as a friend."

"A friend? I tried to kill him and those other dweebs. I nearly killed his grandfather. He gave me exactly what I deserved. I didn't deserve a friend-even if I had wanted one!"

"Yes Seto, you got exactly what you deserved-a second chance. From Yugi, from my pharoah, from Mokuba, even Jonouchi who you treat with distain, has been willing to fight for you and along side you against common foes. The only one who will not forgive you, is you."

On the sceen the scene changed. Battle City. He stood with Mokuba at the top of a hill watching Yugi driven to his knees in the first duel against Marik. He heard himself shouting for Yugi to get back on his feet, not to let God keep him from their road of battle...

More scenes; Watching in horror as Yugi and Jonouchi were forced to duel to the death at Domino Pier. Alcatraz Tower; Forcing Yugi to see that protecting Jonouchi would in the long run only hold the bonkotsu back from being the true duelist they all claimed he was. Throwing his trump card to Yugi, Yugi saying; "I believe in you Kaiba...

"You are their friend for all you deny it. You have proven it many times. Is it so hard to accept that they in turn are YOUR friends?

To be continued...
So the holidays are almost here, the kids start winter break Friday, and I'm not getting much of anything done. Today I wke up ,(barely) and spent the whole day trying (and failing) to stay awake. And I realize I don't even care. Had one conversation with my aunt since they ended up not coming, haven't heard a word from any of my other family. haven't gone gift shopping, don't know when I'll bother to. Just don't care... about anything...
"No good deed goes unpunished."

Dark Magician had little time to ponder the truth of that saying as he narrowly evaded another aireal bombardment, trying to keep the trunk of the tree between himself and the Blue Eyes Glass Dragon.

The good news was that Seto Kaiba had found something that made him happy. The bad news was that siccing his dragon ornaments on a certain minature spellcaster was what was making him happy. The purple santa hat had already been barbecued. And he had really liked that santa hat!

"Seto! Enough! We need to talk!"

The CEO's response was a burst stream that shattered three silver ball ornaments. Great. He'd be combing glass shards out of his hair for days. Time for drastic action. "MAGIC BOXES!"...


Kaiba fell out the box and landed facedown on his living room carpet. seconds later, a large purple duel monster fell on top of him.

"GET...OFF...ME!!" He wheezed. The crushing weight rolled off him, but before he could catch his breath he was lifted off the carpet and unceremoniously dumped in a chair.

"You burned my hat!"

"It was a stupid hat!"


"And Magic Boxes doesn't work that way in duels!"

"Then it is fortunate for you that we are not in a duel. Or do you enjoy being impaled with swords?"

"I enjoy being left alone!"

"Seto... You ARE alone, inside your heart, and that lonelyness in your heart cries out to us all." Abruptly, the magician pulled him out of the chair and back into the shadows.

"Come with me Seto, there is something you should see..."

To be continued...
Weekends tend to be hectic here, especially with the holidays approching. I'll try to keep posting daily, but its possible I might miss a day or two at times. On the week days before winter break daily postings are easier.
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