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All in all, Mokuba thought, his brother was handling his vacation time rather well.

Oh there was the usual growling and snarking when the hoard of houseguests descended on them, and Seto was definitely uneasy when they saw Yugi's grandpa getting out of the limo. But he didn't attempt to bolt until he saw the cat carrier Yugi was bringing in. In spite of their best efforts, Reaper and Bubbles always managed to find their way into various decks. (While they soon got used to having Dark Magician wandering about the mansion, poor Jonouchi had to spend an entire day hiding from an enraged Anzu after she had stepped out of the shower and come face-to-face with an embarrassed Flame Swordsman.)

Seto almost seemed to enjoy the chaos. Keeping the promise he had made to his little brother, (He could deny Mokuba nothing after they had spent a night flying over Domino on the back of the Blue Eyes.)He avoided all work related activities, joining in the snowball fights,snowboarding and almost any other activities they came up with. (He did draw a large firm line at caroling however.)

Evenings were spent in the gameroom, where Mokuba regularly trounced Honda, Jonouchi,and Anzu at any and all video games, except DDR, where Anzu trounced them all. Seto would be off in a corner having long discussions with both Yugis and Yugi's grandpa. Surprisingly, no one tried to start a duel, except possibly the cats. It was only their first real non-working vacation, but Mokuba was sure it was going to be the best one ever...

To be continued...
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