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First the christmas tree, now a private movie theater. Kaiba had to admit that Dark Magicians talents were definately being wasted on the game of Duel Monsters. Still, had he been given a choice, he'd have prefered the tree and the dragon ornaments to being (literally) glued to his seat, watching the most painful moments of his life in IMAX.

On the screen, a dejected Mokuba opened their front door to admit... YUGI? In answer to Yugi's hushed question, Mokuba merely shook his head. The two of them went up the stairs and down the hall, stopping before a door Kaiba recognized with increasing dread. He shut his eyes against the sight of the slack jawed, unseeing figure in the wheelchair...

"He came to see you every day Seto-and not to gloat. He came as a friend."

"A friend? I tried to kill him and those other dweebs. I nearly killed his grandfather. He gave me exactly what I deserved. I didn't deserve a friend-even if I had wanted one!"

"Yes Seto, you got exactly what you deserved-a second chance. From Yugi, from my pharoah, from Mokuba, even Jonouchi who you treat with distain, has been willing to fight for you and along side you against common foes. The only one who will not forgive you, is you."

On the sceen the scene changed. Battle City. He stood with Mokuba at the top of a hill watching Yugi driven to his knees in the first duel against Marik. He heard himself shouting for Yugi to get back on his feet, not to let God keep him from their road of battle...

More scenes; Watching in horror as Yugi and Jonouchi were forced to duel to the death at Domino Pier. Alcatraz Tower; Forcing Yugi to see that protecting Jonouchi would in the long run only hold the bonkotsu back from being the true duelist they all claimed he was. Throwing his trump card to Yugi, Yugi saying; "I believe in you Kaiba...

"You are their friend for all you deny it. You have proven it many times. Is it so hard to accept that they in turn are YOUR friends?

To be continued...
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