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"No good deed goes unpunished."

Dark Magician had little time to ponder the truth of that saying as he narrowly evaded another aireal bombardment, trying to keep the trunk of the tree between himself and the Blue Eyes Glass Dragon.

The good news was that Seto Kaiba had found something that made him happy. The bad news was that siccing his dragon ornaments on a certain minature spellcaster was what was making him happy. The purple santa hat had already been barbecued. And he had really liked that santa hat!

"Seto! Enough! We need to talk!"

The CEO's response was a burst stream that shattered three silver ball ornaments. Great. He'd be combing glass shards out of his hair for days. Time for drastic action. "MAGIC BOXES!"...


Kaiba fell out the box and landed facedown on his living room carpet. seconds later, a large purple duel monster fell on top of him.

"GET...OFF...ME!!" He wheezed. The crushing weight rolled off him, but before he could catch his breath he was lifted off the carpet and unceremoniously dumped in a chair.

"You burned my hat!"

"It was a stupid hat!"


"And Magic Boxes doesn't work that way in duels!"

"Then it is fortunate for you that we are not in a duel. Or do you enjoy being impaled with swords?"

"I enjoy being left alone!"

"Seto... You ARE alone, inside your heart, and that lonelyness in your heart cries out to us all." Abruptly, the magician pulled him out of the chair and back into the shadows.

"Come with me Seto, there is something you should see..."

To be continued...



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