Jun. 17th, 2011

Yesterday I go into a crafts store to pick up some items, and notice a sign on the door that the company is inviting people to apply for jobs. Competative pay, great benefits, the whole nine yards. The store is close to my house, there are no Sunday hours, store closes at eight pm, so I figure why not? The associate at the checkout shows me the display stand with a ton of applications, (I'm thinking how nice it is not to have to apply online, all I've been getting after applying on line is a mailbox full of spam.)so I get what I need and take one home to fill out. All over the five part application are warnings about the companys high ethical standards, how they will do a thorough backround check, how important honesty is, ect, ect.

This morning I return to the store with my completed application and hand it to a supervisor, who tells me that there are NO jobs, they are CUTTING positions. Why is the sign on the door? "Thats for managment and you have to apply online"

Should I even bother to wonder why you were checking out my application so thoroughly as I was leaving, seeing as how there ARE NO JOBS?



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