Dec. 20th, 2010

He was alone in the silent library, except for the ghost of a memory.

He saw the ghost boy fling himself on the couch in utter exhaustion, only to be roused by his step-fathers repellent servant flinging the book at his head. he watched as the boy opened the book and discovered the secret treasure his brother had smuggled to him...

"Your brother knew your heart even before you did." He told the boy, watching as he moved to the window, an unspoken dream whispering in the unfelt breeze from a not so distant past. "You've finally embraced the happiness you cast aside for the sake of survival, hold on to it Seto. You have paid the penalty for your wrongs, your scales are balanced."

His pharaoh had first set his rival on the path out of the darkness, but it had been a hard road with too many detours. Honor had been regained, but honor and duty alone could not overcome the guilt, anger and mistrust that crippled the young dragon lord. Joy and play and friends were needed in their turn. Pharaoh in his tragically brief life, had had little time for such frivolities himself, it would fall to Yugi and the others to show them the value of fun for its own sake. (And they WOULD bring fun to the Kaiba mansion, even if some furniture was smashed along the way...)

"You've overlooked something Magician" /Seto, do you EVER sleep?!/


"Thanks to your little games,your masters have gotten hold of the strange idea that I have shadow magic. What will happen when they realize I'M not the one responsible for the purple tree and the flying ornaments?"

"Seto, Seto, It was I who set the game in motion, but my power alone is not enough for ALL that was done this night. And whose power was it that destroyed the Blue Eyes when my masters battled the false Kaiba? Whose power swept aside the future foretold by the necklace? Whose power did the Rod answer to, even when Marik held it in your duel with his sister? Whose power commanded a god beast?"

"But-but- It had to be you! What about the trap card-"

"Have you forgotten Seto? Collected Power is a one turn trap card."

"... Oh shit ..."

To be continued...



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